Teaching youth lacrosse in Washington County Maryland mainly focused in the Hagerstown area.

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:  Which team will my child be on?
A: In accordance with WMYLC league policy, playing level is determined by age.  Ages are based on an 8/31 cutoff (ask yourself, how old is my child on August 31?)
  • U9 - Ages 6,7,8 (Usually 1st, 2nd & 3rd graders - K graders can play only if parent is coach)
  • U11 - Ages 9 & 10 (Usually 4th & 5th graders)
  • U13 - Ages 11 & 12 (Usually 6th & 7th graders)
  • U15 - Ages 13 & 14 Usually 8th graders - 9th graders can not play in WMYLC regardless of age.)
Players can NOT play down regardless of experience, physical limitations, convenience, etc.  The WMYLC no longer provides any exceptions to this rule.  In some cases, see below, players may be granted an exception to play up.
Example: Your daughter is in 3rd grade but turns 9 on 8/29 - she must play in the U11 level (even though 3rd graders are generally U9.  Your daughter's friend is also in 3rd grade but turns 9 on 9/1 - she can play at U9 level since she was 8 years old on 8/31.
Example 2: Your son is a 4th grader but young in his class and turns 9 on September 1st.  By age, he should be playing in the U9 level (was 8 on 8/31) but because he is a 4th grader, he can play "up" in the U11 level since that's generally where 4th graders play, however, this is at coach and administration discretion.)
The rules are designed to prevent rosters with older players who may pose an unfair advantage in size, experience, etc.  Both from a competetive standpoint and safety as well.
Players are required to play in their age divisions with only a few exceptions:  1.  If there are not enough players to field a whole team at a given level, coaches can offer the opportunity for a player to "play up" a grade division.  2.  A coach's son or daughter may play-up if the coach is coaching the higher age-division.
Q:  My child seems to be progressing faster than other players.  Can he or she "play up"?
A:  Only if a coach needs a player from a lower level to complete his/her roster. If a coach at a higher level needs a player to complete a light roster, then that coach may request a player to play up at his/her discretion.
Q: What equipment will my child need?
A: Required Equipment: Full equipment is required for U9 and up, both boys and girls.  The boys required equipment entails a stick, gloves, arm/elbow pads, shoulder pads, helmet, cup & mouthpiece.  Girls' mandatory equipment entails a stick, full-face googles/cage and mouthguard - Womens' gloves and cleats recommended but not required.  Mitey Mite kids will just need a stick and mouthguard as there is no contact and a softer ball is used.
Optional Equipment: Rib Protectors (boys).  Gloves (girls).
Q: How much does equipment cost?
A: The following represent the lower end of quality starter equipment.  Stick - $30.  Girls face-goggles - $45.  Boys starter pad set (includes gloves, arm & shoulder pads) $80.  Boys Helmet - $90
Q: Do you offer equipment rental programs?
A: We currently do not provide equipment to players.  We may have extra from time to time however.  We encourage players to swap / donate used equipment to other players.
Q: What kind of playing time should my child expect to receive?
A: U9 and U11 try to follow the equal playing time philosophy while equal playing time is not guaranteed at U13 and U15.  If players or parents are concerned about playing time, they must first address the coach but no earlier than 24 hours after the game in question.